Fishy Difficulties

I have been messing around with my fish tank for over a month now. I have been seeing my fish including my cat fish and my pleco swim to the top of the tank for air.

There are lots of ways to solve problems with not having enough oxygen in the tank. Small tanks can have the problem fixed by dropping water from a cup from a high distance above the tank to create bubbles but be careful not to disturb the fish too much as this can cause stress which can easily destroy a whole tank.

Another way to increase Oxygen is by having a bubbler. You power a bubbler with an electrical outlet and a pump pushes bubbles into the tank which creates oxygen. There are other kinds of bubblers where the pump is outside of the tank and pushes the bubbles through tubes that go into the tank. There are also bubbler pumps that you can place inside the tank. Some come looking like a tank decoration. Other can be placed inside of other decorations like castles so you don’t disturb the look of your tank.

Another way to get oxygen which is what I have opted for in my smaller tank is Marimo moss balls. The moss ball is almost effortless when it comes to maintenance compared to other under water plants. Most plants need to be planted or don’t do well in basic decoration rocks in fish tanks. Marimo moss balls are free floating algae balls that absorb the carbon dioxide in the tank and release oxygen into the tank. The moss balls also absorb other things like the nitrates, phosphates, and all sorts of other wastes in your tank such as algae. What’s better than a big algae ball that sucks up all the unwanted algae in the tank?

Some of the care that you would want to provide is making sure you keep the moss ball moving otherwise you risk the moss ball flattening out. That can be fixed by setting it on a different side in the tank or even lightly rolling the ball in your hand to reshape it. Keeping the ball out of direct sunlight helps too as the ball will start to change colors. That’s why you will want to move the ball around sometimes to different sides so the ball is getting equal light on all sides.

The one thing you really want to make sure you do is take the moss ball out and squeeze it a little to get all the excess algae and waste the moss ball was trying to absorb. The moss ball will try to absorb more than it can handle. So be sure when you’re doing your regular water changes that you maintain your moss balls. They will last you for years if you keep up on the little amount of maintenance these moss balls require.

I would highly recommend getting these moss balls if you have fish like guppies, mollies, or Bettas as the conditions that these fish live in are perfect for the moss balls, they will help your tank thrive, and are worth the $12 dollars it costs to get a three pack from a pet store.

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First Month in The Apartment

It came to be that time. I was moving again. My girlfriend and I had searched for a long time to find an apartment that fit everything that we were looking for. We felt that we absolutely needed washer and dryer hookups and the place needed to look nice. You should never just settle when looking for a new home.

The apartment we moved into was actually a townhouse. One of the best parts was we only had one neighbor. This was huge for us because we wanted silence and privacy. One of the other large things this apartment only wanted a one time fee for dogs and cats. They had no size restriction and no visible limit on how many we could have.

The first week after we were finished moving all of our things in was a week filled with us resting. Our home was so quiet. It was honestly too quiet. We spent a week trying to find out what was so different. We had both always loved our entire lives with cats, dogs, and at least a bird or two. In my case I had reptiles and arachnids and amphibians added to my chaos with pets.

We both knew we needed to get rid of the silence and bring back some of the joy we had when we had pets at our parents house. We went out and the first thing we wanted were a couple of fish. We got a 10 gallon tank and put a couple of guppies, a female beta and a sucker fish. We also put a couple of snails in there.

Learning about fish and what kinds of combinations we could mix and match together as well as what made our mini ecosystem thrive was a great bonding experience for my girlfriend and I. We learned a little bit about each other along the way. However at the end of the road we still didn’t solve the problem. We watched the fish and it was so cool seeing the different personalities our little guys showed us, but we still had so much silence in the apartment. I looked at my girlfriend one morning and said “Babe have you ever had a bird?” We went to the pet store that morning.

We came home that day with two parakeets and a new cage to put them in. I spent over an hour putting the cage together. I looked up many reviews and no one rated this cage above a 3 star due to how difficult it was to put together. Eventually the birds new home was put together. However the birds rarely use it to sleep in. We always leave the cage open, even at night while we are sleeping and we haven’t had problems with it to this day.

We started to fall for these two little birds. Every day after work we would take them and plop them on our shoulders and watch television together. The squawk a lot so we solved our silence problems. However we still knew deep down that what we were searching for was a dog to add to the family.

That day will come soon enough. We are expecting to be ready and have the finances to support a dog(s) around Christmas this year.

There are many ways to get around the hardships such as paying for pet deposits or an apartment complex not allowing you to bring a dog or other animals into their living space due to reasons like the dog is on a dangerous species list or the dog is too large for the apartments rules. Stay tuned for more posts and comment and let me know what you would like to read next.